Projects in which I was participated


I participated as a member of EYS. This project integrates the use HTML5 for video manipulation and image capture. I used to post ASPX technologies such as image processing and sending email; WCF Entity Framework for data management; JQuery for image preprocessing and form validation; and CSS for styling site.
Seven T-Mobile

It is a system that allows a waiter enter customer orders in a restaurant. It is developed in PHP and Javascript.

Inventory management system for equipment

The database was designed using the modeler DBDesigner and was implemented with PostgreSQL. The system was using the MVC methodology, modeling was shaped using Argo UML. and development of the system was made with PHP, Javascript (JQuery, Ajax), CSS. Using the development environment Dreamweaver CS5.1.

Portal for congress The-Web 2009

Management HTML, CSS, to create a website for international congress 2009. The-Web Maintenance and updating of the portal.

Acquisition system words in Spanish (Mexico) from online publications

Using data mining technology as WebHarvest which implements the query language for XML (XQuery), use of management tools such as XPath and XML language Groovy, for the words. Making module to store data via Webharvest and store it in a database created in MySQL with the help of the persistence layer through Hibernate. Creating a web system for the generation of statistics of the words stored in the database.

Automatic System Progress Report Tutor (Sarat)

Use of technology, JSP, Servlets, MySQL, Apache Tomcat, for the creation of a catalog system for coordinating computer system graduates of the faculty of engineering, UABC Mexicali.
Tracking System breaks Learning

Using Servlet technologies, MySQL, and Apache Tomcat, for the creation of a catalog system for coordinating involvement of the engineering faculty, UABC, Mexicali.